Millions of people in the US now believe that marijuana is extremely beneficial as medicine. We have enough anecdotal evidence from the past to prove this. And since its legalization, the scientific studies on the subject are also making significant progress. Given this, the herb is now available in the form of medicine in more than 33 states around the country. And out of these, 11 even allow recreational use.

Having said that, if you are living in a recreational state, have you ever wondered if you should use medical marijuana to treat your condition or if recreational cannabis would work the same? If you have, trust me, you’re not alone. But today we finally have the answer.

Medical marijuana doctors in Huntington Beach say that, if you have the option, you should always choose medical marijuana over the recreational one. And in this post, we are going to discuss why.

So, let’s take off.

Legal Support

Marijuana was being used as a medicine since ancient times. People all over the world were using the herb for centuries to treat various different ailments. However, with time, it was deemed illegal almost everywhere. In the United States, it was the Marihuana Tax Act, 1937 that made cannabis illegal. The act made growing, possession, and any association with it punishable.

After some time, came the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, which made cannabis a Schedule I items at the federal level. However, given the distinction between the powers of federal and state governments, individual states were free to run their own MMJ programs. In the year 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis. And from there, we now have many states with medical as well as recreational cannabis legal.

Now, if you are living in a medical-only state, you have a clear advantage if you have a medical cannabis card. You can buy and possess the herb without any legal trouble. But what if you are living in recreational states? 

Well, here too, medical cannabis has many benefits in terms of legalities. For instance, to use recreational cannabis, you need to be at least 21 years of age. While you can apply for medical cannabis card as soon as you turn 18. Additionally, medical cannabis is legal for minors too, given their caregiver approves of it. But with recreational cannabis, minors have no chance. 

Better Access And Availability

First of all, the herb is legal for recreational purposes in just 11 states right now. This means you have no access to it in 39 states. However, out of these 39 states, 22 allow you to use it medically. 

But let’s say you already live in a recreational state. Then what?

Well, you still are at an advantage if you are a medicinal user.

First of all, the number is recreational dispensaries in adult-use states is a lot less as compared to the medical ones. And as a medicinal user, you may go to a recreational dispensary to get your supplies. But the reverse is not possible. 

The existence of dual license dispensaries instead of recreational ones is also beneficial for medicinal users. This is because the staff is better prepared for handling various questions by medicinal users.

In the end, as a medicinal user, you have the option to get a caregiver. This is the person who can buy, possess, and even grow marijuana on your behalf. Of course, not everyone can be your caregiver. There are restrictions and they need to work as per the law only. Given this, you must choose your caregiver very wisely.

More Potent Cannabis

The debate on whether an MMJ patient needs more potent marijuana than a recreational user is still on. Some say that patients need more THC to treat their condition, while others argue that less is more. But no matter what, if you want your hands on more potent cannabis, an MMJ card is what you need.

If you are living in a recreational state, you’ll notice that there is a discrimination between medical and recreational users on how much THC they can buy or possess. While the gap varies from state to state, medical users are always allowed to have more than recreational users. For instance, in California, a recreational user cannot buy a package of edibles with more than 10mg of THC per serving. On the other hand, a medical user can buy a product with up to 20mg THC per serving. Many other states, including Oregon, Colorado, and Nevada, also have similar rules.

In many states, even for CBD based products, MMJ cardholders are given more benefits. 

Better Cost and Quality

As per the medical marijuana doctors in Huntington Beach, one of the major differences one can notice between medical and recreational cannabis is in their qualities. And it’s perhaps no brainer that buds that go to the medicinal market are grown and stored in a better environment. 

In addition to this, medical marijuana goes through a rigorous quality check process before hitting the shelves of cannabis dispensaries. It is usually checked for things like pesticides a lot more thoroughly. As a medicinal user, you surely don’t want to consume a low-quality bud, as it can be damaging to your health. However, if you have a medical marijuana card, you can rest assured that the quality of the product you’ll be getting will be the best. 

Other than this, medical and recreational cannabis differ in costs too. Medicinal users can save a lot on their supplies than recreational users. First of all, a medicinal user does not have to pay several sales and other taxes that a recreational user cannot get away with. And secondly, many times cannabis dispensaries come up with offers and discounts specifically for medicinal users. Will all this, if you have an MMJ card, you can save up to 35 to 40 percent on your supplies.

Cultivation Rights

Being a medicinal cannabis user also gives you the privilege to grow cannabis at home. However, this may vary from state to state. Though most states allow you to grow cannabis if you have an MMJ card, in some places, it’s still illegal. And thus, you must check the laws of your state before you grow marijuana.

But hey, this was about medical-only states. What if you are living in a recreational state? Many adult-use states allow recreational users too to grow cannabis. Then, are there any benefits of becoming a medicinal user?

As a matter of fact, there are. Yes, many recreational users are also allowed to grow cannabis at home in many states. However, for them, often the limit on how much they grow is lower. For, instance, in California, a recreational user can only grow six marijuana plants at a time. While on the other hand, a medical user can grow up to 99 plants, given he has a grower license. This difference, though, also varies from state to state.

In addition to this, some recreational states allow the cultivation of cannabis only if there is no dispensary within a particular distance. And this is again in favor of medical marijuana users, as many times they cannot travel long distances due to their condition. And thus, with this advantage, they are able to get an uninterrupted supply of their medicine.

Recreational use of marijuana is allowed in 11 states of the US now. Given this, a lot of people think if they should get a cannabis card or not. Well, now that you have read the post,  you can clearly see that medical cannabis is a lot better than the recreational one. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for an MMJ card now!