Smoking cannabis for the first time is a unique experience. While you have decided to finally try smoking cannabis, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. Whether you are thinking of smoking cannabis for recreational purposes or medical purposes, you want to do it right. So, read along to learn about the tips that will help you achieve that.

If you want to smoke cannabis to manage your condition, you need to get a medical marijuana card. This card allows you to buy medical cannabis for your condition. I remember when I first started smoking cannabis. I was nervous and had many questions in mind: how will it affect me? How high will I get? What will happen after I smoke it? Is everything going to be okay? I’m sure you must be having these questions as well.

But you do not have to worry, we have got you covered. Here are a few tips that will help you have a good experience on your first attempt at smoking cannabis. These tips will help you have a pleasurable experience and get you through the process with ease. Having said that, let’s look at these tips.

Tip 1. Do Not Keep Expectations

You can never keep expectations when it comes to how cannabis is going to affect you. This is especially true when you are smoking cannabis for the first time. Cannabis affects everyone differently, and there is no way to know how it is going to affect a beginner. You may not even feel anything, which is completely normal and very common. Or you may get a little light-headed. Or you may even get too high and start tripping. The effects of cannabis depend on various factors such as your strain, amount of intake, your mood, method of consumption, and more. So, never keep expectations when smoking cannabis for the first time.

Tip 2. Do Not Forget Water

When smoking cannabis, you need to hydrate yourself like an athlete. You must be familiar with the various health benefits of water. Well, here’s one more benefit, it can help you have a pleasurable cannabis smoking experience. 

One of the biggest advantages of water is that it helps you deal with dry mouth or cottonmouth. Dry mouth is one of the most common side effects of smoking cannabis. But water helps in rehydrating yourself and keeping your mouth moist. The best thing that you can do is to pre-hydrate before you even begin smoking. The dry mouth, or cottonmouth, is just temporary and is caused by the main psychoactive cannabinoid, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC shits the production of saliva in the mouth by binding to the cannabinoid receptors in the submandibular glands. This leads to having a dry mouth. But you can deal with it by drinking water.

Tip 3. It is Always Better to Smoke Cannabis With Friends

You are smoking cannabis for the first time, so you have no idea how it is going to affect you. That is why it is always better to smoke cannabis with people you know and trust. There should be someone sensible with you, who can help you if you begin to feel overwhelmed by the effects of cannabis. The person can also help to let you know when you have consumed enough. This will help you not to overindulge on your first time.

You will gain more experience after a few smoking sessions. Then you will be familiar with how cannabis affects you and how much you can consume. You will be more comfortable in smoking cannabis on your own then. Till then, it is better to smoke cannabis with a friend.

Tip 4. Clear Your Schedule

You are smoking cannabis for the first time, so there is always a chance of you passing out at some point. So, if you have some work to do, later on, you won’t be able to do that. This is why it is better to clear your schedule and make no plans for after smoking cannabis.