When your mind isn’t tuned to positive energy, it is easier to get caught up in the storm of anxious thoughts. To form positive thoughts, or perhaps to calm down the racing heart, you pursue a wide range of treatment plans. Sometimes nothing works, but other times you manage to line your thoughts. Whatever the case, one thing is certain. Living with anxiety can make even the simplest task difficult. You see, mental health issues affect a large no. of population. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it is one of the most commonly found mental health disorders affecting 40 million adults aged 18 and above every year. So, it is crucial to keep anxiety in check while ensuring that you find a safe method to decrease the symptoms. 


There are several treatment methods for anxiety. One of them includes anti-anxiety medication such as Valium and Xanax. Yes, these medications successfully alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. However, medicines work only as long as the effects do not wear off. Moreover, the possibilities of addiction multiply as your treatment plan extends over a certain span of time. Another famous form of anxiety treatment that has gained popularity in the past few years is CBD, also known as cannabidiol. Many cannabis users report that CBD is effective in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety. Let’s find out if CBD is good for your racing mind and pounding heart or not? 


Here’s What Scientific Evidence Says


Clinical evidence points out at CBDs therapeutic potential, but most studies use rodents and other animals in the process of research. We have a few studies emerging with human participants too. A perfect example would be a study from 2019. In this study, the authors administered CBD oil to 37 Japanese teenagers. Each subject received a dose of 300mg CBD oil for 35 days. CBD oil helped some teenagers get relief from symptoms while some others were not able to see much improvement. 


Another 2019 study with 47 participants were administered with 25mg of CBD dose every day in addition to other treatment forms. The study examined the participants on a monthly basis. The results of the first month were quite surprising. 79.2% of the patients reported improvement in anxiety. After two months, 78.1% of the patients reported further improvements. However, the remaining percentage of the patients reported that their symptoms worsened more after CBD usage. They felt that CBD caused them to feel more anxious even after two months. 


Yet, another study published in 2018 also revealed that CBD increases anxiety. Although the sample of the study was small, yet these are some significant findings. The authors of the study went on to say that anxiety levels measured through heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and concentration levels indicate that CBD worsens the symptoms of anxiety over a certain span of time. 


After looking at the results of these studies, it is easier to say that these are contradictory findings. You also have to take note that the results vary due to the size of the sample and dosages. Let’s delve a little deeper and find out more about the dosing guide. 


Dosing Guide for CBD 


If you are wondering how to use CBD for anxiety and how much should you consume, here is the analysis of the research studies stated above. It will help you understand why each dose varies on such a large scale. If you read carefully, the first study with teenagers as subjects administered 300mg of CBD oil. Whereas, patients in the other study received 25mg of CBD oil. So, why these differences and discrepancies in the amount of dose? 


Well, if you talk to a cannabis expert while getting a medical marijuana card in Huntington Beach, the medical health professional will tell you that there is no universal dose. Even doctors recommend small doses at the beginning and increase it as the treatment proceeds further. In fact, most of the doctors will readily admit that there are no specific dosage guidelines. As a patient, you have to figure out how a certain CBD dose will work for your body. 


In some cases, a small dose will not work at all, but in others, it will work wonders. Not only this but so far we do not have any large-scale research on the subject of dosage for both CBD and THC. The Food and Drug Administration is still learning about the cannabinoids and its effects on the human body. Also, the reason why despite legalization, cannabis still comes under the category of the unregulated substance. 


This does not mean that CBD is not safe for you. Existing research and medical cannabis users report that CBD is both effective and well-tolerated. You can start with a small dose (15mg per serving) and cautiously approach the treatment plan. It’s always safe to start small and then increase the dose as you discover the amount that works perfectly for you. 

Factors That Affect Your CBD Dose 

You are likely to feel the effects of CBD after administering a small dose. On the other hand, your friend might not feel anything after taking the same amount of CBD. So, make sure you consider the below-stated factors before experimenting with CBD. 


First and foremost, the basic factors that affect your dose, largely concern your body. For instance, metabolism, body weight, and body mass. Other factors include CBD potency, its concentration, the form of product, and the CBD: THC ratio. Second, the severity of anxiety is also taken into account. Ideally, the concentration of CBD is expressed as mg per serving or container. All these factors combined will help you access a perfect dose. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do the same. Nobody has the patience to go through details and everybody largely depends on the hit and trial method. Sometimes it helps people learn how their body’s chemistry responds to CBD. Once you learn that you can use that dosage for the rest of the treatment period. 


In addition to this, you can also take help from cannabis experts or doctors that provide medical marijuana recommendations. For example, if you live in Huntington, talk to a local cannabis doctor, and get your medical marijuana card in Huntington Beach


If you keep all the factors in mind and learn how your body responds to a certain dose, you should have no difficulties finding a perfect dose for yourself. Also, remember that some individuals have a fast metabolism system. In other words, they metabolize medicines faster, which can cause the effects to wear off quickly. In such cases, an anxiety patient can increase the dose. 

Final Thoughts: Talk to a Medical Cannabis Expert

Anxiety is an integral part of medical problems. It may seem on the outside that anxiety patients can lead a normal life without any problems. But if ignored for a long time, anxiety can lead to catastrophic events. More vitally, mental health problems should be taken seriously. If you feel you have anxiety or some other mental health problem, consult with a health physician. You can also talk to doctors who have experience with medical cannabis. They can help provide sound advice and may also recommend a dosage for you.